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Drawing for fun! - poem Illustration

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Over these past few weeks, I have been working diligently on my essay project. As discussed in a previous blog, I've decided to base my assignment on picturebooks.

Although I've really enjoyed this research project, I've found it difficult to devote time to drawing. Now that I'm nearing this assessment deadline, I thought I'd try be creative again.

I've created an illustrated interpretation to Lewis Carroll's poem of 'How doth the little crocodile'. Growing up, this was one of my favourite poems, as it influenced my early encounters with art and reading. I absolutely love the Alice in Wonderland books, as I also credit these materials in forming my art style.

Lewis Carroll illustrated interpretation to 'How doth the little crocodile'

I wasn't necessarily focused on creating a 'perfect' piece of art, but instead re-discovering the joys of drawing. I wanted to get back into the groove of designing. After completing this piece, I feel much more inspired. It was great to try something different, and most importantly create for fun! I believe it offered another opportunity to test my storytelling skills. I'd like to experiment with more of these illustration exercises in the future.

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