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Live Brief- family commission

I was lucky enough to work on another live brief. I was commissioned to design a house sign and personalised print for my parents home. My families house is their pride and joy. A few years ago, they purchased an old coach house situated in the countryside. They have spent time and effort renovating this building to its former glory, creating a perfect family home. Therefore, they wanted a personalised gift that celebrated all their hard work and renovation journey.

I wanted the design to showcase the buildings architectural beauty. I decided to use the stonework pattern as the piece's main feature, incorporating decorative mark-making.

Originally, I was slightly frustrated with the line-work as some areas are wobbly. I think this is my perfectionist self, analysing things too closely. As mentioned previously, I have the tendency to re-draw things. However, I decided to carry on with the piece. I believe these imperfections add to the quirkiness of the building.

Finished illustration

Framed illustration

This was my first time designing a house sign. I had to accurately calculate the measurements, before applying them to the artwork. This provided quite the challenge, as I had a few trial and errors. Due to the small sizing, the design was very difficult to slot into the stonework, as the paper kept ripping. Instead, I opted for thicker paper as this worked perfectly, and resolved the issue. To complete the print, I cut a small piece of perspex to seal the design. The clients wanted the sign to have a rough and ready feel to it, matching the uniqueness of the house. Overall, I believe I've achieved this.

House sign

I really enjoyed this project. The clients were very happy with the final pieces. Again, it offered another opportunity to experiment with my illustration style and gain relevant experience in the field.

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