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Final statement

It’s fair to say this year has been unpredictable. Although it’s not the year I imagined, I’ve throughly enjoyed my time studying at the University of Chester. Not only have my studies provided me with a set direction for my work, but instead taught me that anything is possible once you put your mind to it. The briefs and weekly projects have pushed my work in new directions, challenging my creative abilities. The lecturers and guest speakers have gifted me with the required knowledge and skills to confidently move forwards with my practice. I have not only evolved as a designer, but as a person.

I must admit, in my first year studies I had a very defeatist attitude. When my work didn’t go to plan, I would give up. It’s fair to say, I’m a perfectionist and always will be. However, I’ve since discovered that not everything works out first time around, and that’s okay. As illustrators, we need to have perseverance. The more we practice, learn through trial and error, the stronger designers we become. The biggest skill I’ve learnt is to embrace my mistakes, and not see them as failure.

I’m immensely proud of the work I’ve managed to produce this year. I’ve developed a strong and distinctive style through my portfolio, showcasing my artistic talents and ability to problem solve. I wanted to make the most of my last year, by taking all the opportunities that came my way. Working on a variety of live briefs, has allowed me to build relevant experience in the freelance field. These projects have built my confidence in communicating with clients, marketing my skills and making design decisions for myself.

Through my research, I’ve learnt that illustration is a gradual career path. It’s not an easy field to work in, as you can’t be successful overnight. It takes years of hard work and determination to build up a solid reputation for yourself. Therefore once I graduate, I plan to work part-time alongside my practice. This will provide me with a steady income, whilst I’m building my career as a freelancer. I also intend to increase my social media engagement, connecting with the design community and clients through sites such as LinkedIn and children'sillustrators.

I want to leave this blog by saying that life is unpredictable. Although I’m set on my end goal, things can still change. Who knows, I may decide to pursue a masters degree of follow a different career path. With this said, I'm looking forward to starting a new life's chapter.

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