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Entering Competitions

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

On Instagram, I noticed that the stationary company 'OhhDeer' were hosting an art competition. They are currently searching for a designer to create a series of Valentines Day Cards, for the company Sainburys. As the lucky winners will have their work featured in stores across the nation. I'd love to be able to go into the greetings card industry, therefore this competition offered a perfect opportunity to showcase my abilities out in the open! It was great to try something different for a change.

On their page, OhhDeer posted a detailed guideline, outlining the competition rules:

I was already slightly familiar with their entry guidelines, after submitting work for a previous competition.

The brief stated how the designs needed to be vibrant and empowering, with a hint of humour. Cards that demonstrated hate, prejudice or discrimination wouldn't be accepted. Sainsbury's are the most popular supermarket chain, therefore the designs need to be suitable.

My competition entry

Here's my competition entry. I uploaded this image on Instagram, following the #ohhdeersubmissions. Overall, I'm happy with my design. It centres on simple, but cute.

Before the deadline, designers are able to submit 10 examples of their work. Therefore in the meantime, I may create some additional pieces. I'll find out on the 30th of April, whether my work has made it to the 41 shortlisted designs. Here's hoping!

After posting my work on Instagram, I got mentioned on OhhDeer's story!

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